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Extended service for the processing of paper invoices


Extended service for the processing of paper invoices
If you're looking for a solution to process any paper invoices you receive more efficiently, then this is the answer.
Our YET Full Capture Invoice Processing Service speeds up the tasks involved in processing paper invoices, automatically extracting all the necessary data and making them available for inputting into your ERP, in the same way as invoices received via Electronic Transactions.
This service offers the following features:

Guaranteed automatic reading of data in around 98% of invoices; YET Full Capture reduces the need for manual inputting, cutting costs and ensuring a return on your investment.
Maintenance costs are almost non-existent since powerful rules are used that ensure the correct analysis and extraction of data from the invoices. The impact in terms of changes to document layout or the creation of new suppliers is practically nil.
The adoption of this solution will have minimum impact in terms of business processes; indeed, there will be no impact at all for those who already use an Electronic Transaction solution, since it will have the same functionalities provided by those solutions.

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  • Reduction of labor on invoice launching tasks
  • Reduction of data entry errors
  • Reduction of invoice processing cycles
  • Reduction of costs associated with the processing of invoices
  • Streamlined business processes
  • Increased efficiency
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