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Electronic Transactions

Electronic exchange of every kind of accounting document
Electronic exchange of every kind of accounting document

YET eDocs 360º

Send, receive and file purchase orders, credit notes, debit notes, bills of lading, invoices and other accounting documents easily, quickly and reliably. 
With YET's electronic transaction solutions you are assured of an Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) service that is efficient, secure and fully compliant with the legislation in force.
Missing correspondence, the time-consuming manual logging and filing of documents and even documents going astray will soon be a thing of the past thanks to these solutions.
YET's electronic transaction service is a two-way service that ensures the electronic receipt and dispatch of business and accounting documents and it supports various structured file types (XML, EDIFACT, plain text, etc.).
Discover our EDI solutions and bring a new business dynamic and greater administrative efficiency to your company: